Words are everything but they are not always spoken. They can be uttered in silence inside of a mind, or surrounding a heart that is broken. Or written in pages in ink like proxy blood. Spilling a soul, a demon, a secret, a sin trying to be good. They’re all around us as loud as […]


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How long must we suffer the scars that we can’t see with eyes that we struggle to keep closed from a world we attempt to disguise with dreams and different realities to mask our own fragilities and hope our senses guide us past the torment that we pray won’t last another day to another god […]

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I’d know the black if I saw it again And embrace the dark and make it a friend For the deepest wounds recess into then And now becomes lighter now and again Over and over a cycle turns through And ashes and embers spark flames that are true Igniting the fire of being within you […]

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When you’re seeing too far out ahead, without seeing the path that you’re fearing to tread, When your uncertain of things that are yet still to come, And feel to survive you must break out and run, If the sounds of your life get too crazy and loud, And your lonely and lost deep in […]

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Every morning has a different song That sounds the same as the one before The rising day, tames the fear of the night   and the clouds clear as we look up once more. The past we thought would always be, Starts to fade in the comfort of tomorrow’s midst Suffocating us in the always,  Dragging […]

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It was so easy to be angry about everything when I was young I felt like I had a cause When there was nothing I really cared about Because there was nothing I fully understood And so nothing that could make me cynical. It was so easy to be romantic when I was young Every […]

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We exist in the remains of tomorrow In the footsteps left behind by time And when the next dream reveals itself, Embrace it with eyes screwed shut, Because it will leave us in haste, Long after before fades away. And we’re left with this. Which is all we ever have. This is it.

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Your reflection Is your creation. You are never the same to another, As you are to you. So you are not who you think you are, Or who you wish to be. When you’re you, You’re not you To me.

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It’s easy to wish it wasn’t what it is And fall at every hurdle that was leaves in your way, So fumble past the then and open up to what may be; And digest all of the thoughts that next may hear you say. Before is never over because the end never began, and we […]

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In so much as I know; There is nothing to understand Because the arrogance of knowledge Is too fragile. It can break without warning When time proves us all wrong. So sit in your dreams and Love the chaos of your skin Because there’s nothing more futile Than faith in the wrong thing. It can […]

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