It was so easy to be angry about everything when I was young I felt like I had a cause When there was nothing I really cared about Because there was nothing I fully understood And so nothing that could make me cynical. It was so easy to be romantic when I was young Every […]

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We exist in the remains of tomorrow In the footsteps left behind by time And when the next dream reveals itself, Embrace it with eyes screwed shut, Because it will leave us in haste, Long after before fades away. And we’re left with this. Which is all we ever have. This is it.

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Your reflection Is your creation. You are never the same to another, As you are to you. So you are not who you think you are, Or who you wish to be. When you’re you, You’re not you To me.

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It’s easy to wish it wasn’t what it is And fall at every hurdle that was leaves in your way, So fumble past the then and open up to what may be; And digest all of the thoughts that next may hear you say. Before is never over because the end never began, and we […]

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In so much as I know; There is nothing to understand Because the arrogance of knowledge Is too fragile. It can break without warning When time proves us all wrong. So sit in your dreams and Love the chaos of your skin Because there’s nothing more futile Than faith in the wrong thing. It can […]

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Who are we? Who am I? Maybe the question, if we take the time and exhibit the patience, should be framed differently and hung in a more fluid position. Perhaps we are not meant to be categorised or simplified or compressed and analysed, or detailed and specified, or defined and stigmatised. We are – is […]

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Before a line appears it is just dust. Smaller and smaller particles heading aimlessly in circles, clashing and avoiding and combining until somewhere, some of it settles. And then, there’s a choice. A moment of decisive infinity where we look ahead and predict what we cannot ever see and hope we are the oracle of […]

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In the moments of quiet, Stolen amongst the chaos of being Truth reveals itself, Calm in its skin. And when the silence is shattered, And the world forces it’s way in Then truth becomes hidden, And life can begin.

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An idea comes as a spark, Little more. It needs nurturing To be what it can be, A flame into a fire. And when it catches, Ignites, It can be impossible to put out. And that idea burns through you Until it consumes everything, And becomes everything, And then… It is extinguished, As it starts […]

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